Sunday, 3 May 2009

Welcome to the Arts to Enchant blog!

Arts to Enchant: Formations of Fantasy on Visual Culture is a postrgraduate symposium taking place at the University of Glasgow 29th to 30th of May 2009.

This blog was created as a way to offer update information on the event, to attract participants and to simply record the process.

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Consuelo said...

I am very excited about the symposium and seeing the presentations on Saturday. I am coming from Dallas TX and although I may be a bit jetlagged, I'm looking forward to a drink with everyone at the whiskey bar! Dinner sounds very tasty too!


franziska said...

Ciao Consuelo, you are right, I am also very excited about the symposium. Actually there haven't been many events about FANTASY the last two years - besides movies, pc games and Live Action Role Playing ;), which is reason enough to open up a discussion on that boom. Therefore, a thesis that fascinates me about FANTASY: Fantasy - the answer or compensation of the human need of metaphysics? If that is not a too heavy topic to start with :). Greetings from Milan, Franziska

ArtsToEnchant said...

Thank you both for your comments!
We are hoping to change the blog so that symposium participants will be able to share their thoughts/experiences on the symposium by posting to the blog itself later on.
Looking forward to seeing you at the symposium!
Marianne/Arts to Enchant

Ailsa Boyd said...

Congratulations to all the Arts to Enchant committee for such a great conference. I'm sorry I was only able to attend some of it, but I have heard great things about the papers and discussions I missed.
Well done to all the organisers and speakers!

john said...

Sadly, I had to drop out at the last minute but hope to download the podcasts which I think are available and then me be able to comment.